I specialize in indoor and outdoor natural light portraiture. I also have experience with flash, studio, and film photography.

Art has always been an important part of my life and I enjoy expressing myself creatively and collaboratively.

My journey into photography began in 2010 while I was recovering from a severe battle with depression. At first I simply needed a hobby to get me outside and keep me active, but as my health returned so did my interest in creating art.

After going back to university and completing my BSc., majoring in computer science, I took classes in creative writing, graphic novels, and photography as I tried to sort out where to go next.

I’ve always been a bit shy, and portraiture has also provided the opportunity and confidence to meet some wonderful people over the last few years.

These days I split my time between photography and managing the communications and social media for HeadsUpGuys.* I also enjoy traveling, hiking, yoga, reading, watching The Daily Show, and hanging out with family and friends.

For more of my portrait photography, check out my account on Instagram.

Model: Anne

* HeadsUpGuys is a UBC-based website making mental health more approachable to men. For more on my advocacy for mental health see headsupguys.org.